Thursday, April 21, 2016

Success Without College

 Success Without College

There are tons of tips about succeeding professionally without college - or college loans.  You can teach yourself skills without college by watching podcasts and using google.  YouTube has months of information on any topic, from math to building your own radio.

Another approach is to focus on building your experience and your resume.  Create a long-term plan to use the jobs and internships you get to build a skill set.  And this is true whether you have a college education or not.  For example, learn search engine optimization by actually doing it for a volunteer job.  Get writing credentials by writing for a blog or the local news site, 

Survey the job landscape by viewing job announcements in the field in which you are interested.  Read the business papers to discover economic and technology trends.

Ask questions of people who are - right now - where you want to be in the future.  But more than that, and the most important part, DO WHAT THEY SUGGEST!  It is this second part that will make the difference to you, and will impress the person who talked to you. 

Hard work is a given if you choose not to attend college.  But the big secret is the hard work is required even if you do get a college degree.  A college education is not an investment, it is a choice on how to reach your goals.  Half of today's recent grads work in jobs that don't require degrees.  In fact, after paying your student loans with interest, you may be considerably poorer than if you had not gone to college at all.

Often, if you take away the college degree, a job candidate without a college degree will be better qualified for the job.

There are many options available to young people today.  Don't fall for the hype about college being the only option in your life. 

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